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Loaning Out Your Vehicle in PA

August 07, 2018
vehicle loaning Pittsburgh, PA

Car accidents can be devastating for victims and their families.  After a collision, multiple parties may suffer injuries, property damage and emotional distress.  In Pennsylvania, the driver who was negligent will most often be the person liable for all injuries and financial loss, but sometimes individuals who were not present during the crash can be held liable.

What Does it Mean to Loan Out Your Car in PA?

When an employer provides a vehicle to its employee to perform the employee’s job duties, the employer is liable for the injuries and losses caused by the employee’s careless driving.  Similarly, parents are legally responsible for car accidents caused by their children’s careless driving.

You will also be held liable when you permit an incompetent or unfit driver to drive your vehicle. For that reason, If your friend doesn’t have a driver’s license, then don’t let them drive your vehicle.  Negligent entrustment occurs when a person should have known that the other driver was incompetent when they gave them permission to drive. Pennsylvania law encompasses unlicensed, underaged, inexperienced, intoxicated, physically ill, elderly and previously reckless drivers as incompetent and unfit.  A proven and qualified car accident attorney can help you when you find yourself in this situation.

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The trusted car accident attorneys at Berger & Lagnese, LLC can help you determine what your legal options are based on the circumstances surrounding your case.  We will work tirelessly to ensure you are fully compensated for any losses arising from your injuries. We will work together to collect evidence, investigate the causes of your accident and determine the negligent party.  Reach out to our office by using our contact form.

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