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Medical Complications

March 22, 2017

Medical Complications

No matter what medical treatment you undergo — whether it be surgery, drug therapy, physical therapy, etc. — there are risks of unintended injuries or complications.  In other words, every single form of medical treatment carries risk of unintended injuries or complications.  Some of these unintended injuries can occur even though everybody involved in your treatment did everything right.  But most of the time, unintended injuries and complications are the result of somebody doing something wrong.The only way to know for sure whether your unintended injury or complication was the result of negligence is to have your situation reviewed by a lawyer who specializes in handling medical negligence cases.  That lawyer will carefully review your medical records and will have those records carefully scrutinized by a doctor so that a determination can be made as to the cause of your unintended injury or complication.The bottom line is this:  if you or your loved one suffered an unintended injury or complication as a result of some medical treatment, you should call us immediately so that we may help you determine whether that unintended injury or complication was the result of medical negligence.

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