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What Do I Need to File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

September 13, 2018
how to file medical malpractice claim Pittsburgh, PA

What Do I Need to File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Medical malpractice is the term used when a patient is harmed or injured by a medical professional acting negligently in their medical duties. A medical malpractice lawsuit is an extremely involved legal procedure and has a few important requirements that you should be aware of before moving forward with a claim.

Basic Requirements

There are four specific things that need to be shown in order to have a viable medical malpractice claim on your hands. They are as follows:

  1. Doctor-patient relationship existed – you must first be able to prove that a relationship existed between you and the medical professional you are suing. This basically means you hired them and they agreed to be hired.
  2. The doctor was negligent – you being unhappy with your prescribed treatment is not grounds for a lawsuit. The medical professional must have been negligent in connection with your treatment or diagnosis. You will have to prove your medical professional caused you harm in a way that a competent doctor in the same situation would not have.
  3. The negligence caused harm/injury – it is also important to prove that the medical professional’s negligence directly caused you harm or injury. This usually requires a medical expert to testify that the doctor’s negligence caused you harm.
  4. The harm/injury led to specific damages – furthermore, you must be able to show the type of damages suffered from the harm or injury that was caused. These can be physical pain, lost wages, medical bills and mental suffering.

As evident, a medical malpractice lawsuit is no walk in the park. It requires experience and dedication that only comes from the right medical malpractice attorney.

Pittsburgh Attorneys Handle All Types of Malpractice

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