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New Scope For Colonoscopy Finds More Polyps Than Conventional Scope

March 22, 2017

New Scope for Colonoscopy Finds More Polyps than Conventional Scope

Polyp detection yields during colonoscopy increased significantly with a device that allows simultaneous views up and down the colonic tract, a researcher said at the American College of Gastroenterology annual meeting.

Called the Third Eye, it improved detection of all colonic polyps by 13% compared with standard colonoscopy.

Folds in the colonic wall may obscure polyps lurking on the far side. A simultaneous rearward view should allow many of these polyps to be seen.

The device was approved by the FDA in 2007, but its manufacturer, Avantis Medical Systems, has limited distribution to clinical trial sites and designated “centers of excellence.”

A company spokeswoman said the device would now be made more widely available, though full-scale commercial rollout is not planned until 2009, when additional clinical data are available.

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