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When Is A Pennsylvania Hospital Liable for Injuries?

July 12, 2018

Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawyer Pittsburgh PA
Becoming injured while receiving medical care in the hospital is distressing in itself, and another challenge is hurled upon the victim when they are required to navigate complex medical malpractice laws to receive compensation.

When Are Hospitals in PA Liable?

Hospitals are traditionally held liable for the actions of their employees. If your injury was directly caused by a hospital staff member’s negligence, then the hospital can be held accountable for the financial fallout of your added injuries. Medical technicians, supporting staff members and nurses are usually considered hospital employees.

When Are Pennsylvania Doctors Liable?

If your injury was caused by your doctor, then the hospital may or may not be liable. This crucial factor hinges on whether or not the doctor is considered a hospital employee. Sometimes doctors are considered independent contractors who take on the liability of malpractice under their care, but other times the hospital assumes liability by making the doctor a hospital employee.

Exceptions that Make Pittsburgh-Area Hospitals Liable

Although hospitals are usually not responsible for an independent contractor’s mistake, there are exceptions that may allow you to pursue compensation from the hospital. When the hospital has continued to give staff privileges to an incompetent, overly negligent or otherwise unfit doctor, the hospital may be held accountable. The hospital may also be held liable when they fail to notify the patient about the doctor’s status as an independent contractor.

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