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Pittsburgh Car Accident Claims and Burden of Proof

February 08, 2018

Pittsburgh Car Accident Claims
Illustrating that someone else is responsible for the injuries you have sustained is often the crux of your personal injury lawsuit. For this reason, you need to be informed about illustrating negligence when filing a personal injury claim. Your attorney can assist you with further understanding the burden of proof, but it is a good idea to research this yourself well in advance. In a car accident claim, your primary job is to show to the court that the other driver or person responsible had a duty of care owed to you and that this was breached in the cause of an accident.

The burden of proof is the duty that a plaintiff needs to bring in order to show that the allegations they are making are true. In car accident claims, you must show that when the defendant breached the duty of care, that you sustained injuries as a result. It is well understood across the country that when you operate a vehicle, you must follow the law and operate your vehicle in a safe manner.

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All drivers owe a standard duty of care to one another and when this is breached and it causes injuries, this can become crucial for an accident claim. You must be able to illustrate that the other party behaved in a way that a reasonable person would not have acted, in order illustrate the burden of proof and breaching the duty of care. Additionally, the breached duty of care must have contributed directly to the accident and the injuries that you sustained. Therefore, it is important to show not only how the accident occurred, but also the severity of the injuries you suffered in an accident. Thankfully an experienced personal injury lawyer can be a crucial asset for helping you demonstrate the burden of proof for both these elements when going to court. Finding the right attorney early on can give you peace of mind that someone is advocating for you and your best interests to show the court a compelling case with the burden of proof.

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