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Possible Connection Between Taking Fish Oil And Decrease In Risk Of Ductal Breast Cancer

March 22, 2017

The possible connection between taking fish oil and decrease in risk of ductal breast cancer

A new study shows an intriguing possible link between using fish oil nutritional supplements and a decrease in the risk of ductal breast cancer.  The study was limited to postmenopausal women between ages 50 and 76, none of whom had breast cancer when the 10 year study started.  Those who used fish oil supplements have a 32% lower incidence of ductal breast cancer than those who did not. 

The researchers are careful to note that the causal link, dose, and timing of the fish oil supplement use have not been confirmed and require more study.  The study found that using fish oil supplements had no effect on other types of breast cancer including lobular breast cancer. Interestingly, some other vitamin supplements studied had no effect on the risk of breast cancer, including popular supplements black cohosh, soy, grapeseed, Dong Quai, and St. John’s wort

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