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Report Cites Reduced Risk Of Lymphedema With Physiotherapy

March 22, 2017

Lymphedema after Breast Cancer Reduced by Physiotherapy

Lymphedema is the swelling of an arm, hand or chest wall caused by build-up of lymph fluid after breast cancer surgery. According to a report by Maria Torres Lacomba, MD, physiotherapy, which is a special massage technique, can stop lymphedema from developing in some women when performed after surgery that involves dissection of axillary lymph nodes.The study assessed 120 women who had breast cancer surgery in Madrid over a two-year period and found that physiotherapy contributed to 72% decrease in the risk of lymphedema compared to women who had breast cancer surgery and no physiotherapy.

Lymphedema is considered the most important chronic complication after breast cancer surgery involving the dissection of axillary lymph nodes. Some women who do develop lymphedema, the swelling can be mild and will go away with treatment. For other women, the swelling can be severe and an ongoing problem.

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