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School District Pays Student 175 Million Negligent Supervision Of Field Trip

March 22, 2017

School District Pays Student $17.5 Million – Negligent Supervision of Field Trip

On July 4, 2008, a 17 year old high school student was severely injured after cheerleading practice on the way to a parade with the squad.  She had just finished practice with her high school cheerleading team when her coach instructed the squad to sit in the truck in formation to go to a Fourth of July parade.  After less than 100 feet of driving three of the cheerleaders and the coach fell from the back of the truck.  The injured student hit her head on the road and suffered severe traumatic brain injuries.Her attorneys sued the school district, the coach and the driver of the truck.  They argued that the school district negligently supervised the students.  After a mediation process, the school district paid $17.5 million in damages to the student.

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