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Study Emphasizes Colonoscopies Important

March 22, 2017

Study emphasizes colonoscopies important

Colonoscopies can reduce colon cancer risk not only on the left side of the colon, but also on the right side, reveals a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. These latest findings contradict some prior studies which suggested there were right-side “blind spots” regarding colonoscopies.  The new study found a 77% lower overall risk of malignancy among those who underwent colonoscopies. A colonoscopy can reach the left side of the colon more easily, and the researchers found an even lower risk of malignancy for that side. However, for those undergoing the procedure, the reduced risk was still considerable for both sides.  Aside from strong risk reduction with respect to left-sided cancer, risk reduction of more than 50% was also seen for right-sided colon cancer.

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