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Three Workers Settle Injury Claims In Scaffolding Collapse

March 22, 2017

Workers Settle Injury Claims in Scaffolding Collapse

Two plasterers and a truck driver were injured when scaffolding collapsed at a construction site in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The two plasterers were working on scaffolding as buckets of mud and stucco were being hoisted up with a pulley.  The movement of the hoisting and pulling, along with an inadequate number of tie-ins to counter balance the weight of the movement, caused the scaffolding to collapse.  The two men fell 12 to 14 feet onto a wooden deck below. They sustained various injuries including acute strain and sprain of the cervical and lumbar spine, post-traumatic stress syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve compression, lumbar radiculopathy, and sciatica.

The truck driver, who was making a delivery at the job site, was stuck when the scaffolding fell. The injuries he sustained include traumatic brain injury with a closed head injury, right hip contusion, lumbar pain, and a hematoma.

All three workers settled their claims for a total of $3.5 million.

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