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Truck Accident Pittsburgh Attorney Pa Truck Accident Lawyers

March 22, 2017

Truck Accident Pittsburgh Attorney | PA Truck Accident Lawyers

A truck driver settled a lawsuit for $1.1 million against the company who loaded his tractor-trailer.  They loaded the trailer but failed to secure the items, causing them to shift to the left. The movement caused the trailer and truck to tip onto its left side.  The negligence was loading the items, which were on skids, using an improper method. They loaded the freight onto plastic skids on a new wooden floor which was very slippery.  The loaded skids were not secured by lateral braces, airbags, dunnage or anti-skid mats. According to the attorney for the driver, they also failed to properly inspect the trailer before leaving.  As a result of the accident, the driver suffered herniated discs and required a laminectomy/discectomy.

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