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Upmcs Condition H

March 22, 2017

UPMC’s Condition H

All UPMC hospitals now have a HELP line specially designed for patients and their families.  UPMC calls it their “Condition H” line. If you or someone you love is a patient in a UPMC hospital, you can call the “Condition H” line anytime you feel concerned that you or your loved one needs immediate medical attention.  If you’re at a UPMC hospital and you feel immediate medical attention is needed, just pick up any phone in the hospital and dial “4-4444”, and immediate medical help should be on the way. For more information about UPMC’s Condition H (HELP) line, visit UPMC’s website.

If you have a situation where a loved one did not receive proper medical care while a patient in a hospital,  please call us directly at 412-471-4300 or click here.

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