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Using Avastin Questioned In Treating Breast Cancer

March 22, 2017

Using Avastin questioned in treating breast cancer

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the cancer drug, Avastin, to treat breast cancer in 2008. It was “accelerated approved” on condition of more studies being made.  But contrary to first reports, Avastin did not slow tumor growth or extend life expectancy said the FDA on July 16.  The FDA found no clinically meaningful difference in outcome between women treated with chemotherapy plus Avastin compared to women treated only with chemotherapy.  Moreover, those taking Avastin report more side effects including hypertension, tiredness, and abnormal white blood cell levels.  Today an outside panel of experts recommended to the FDA that clinical benefits of Avastin in treating breast cancer have not been demonstrated.  The FDA is expected to decide in September whether to continue to approve Avastin for treating breast cancer.  Avastin is currently also approved to treat colon, lung, and kidney cancers.  For free consultation on whether you have a breast cancer medical malpractice case, click here.

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