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What is Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication?

August 24, 2017

With the rise of technology that people are seeing today, many inquire as to why there is yet to be a safe way for cars to communicate effectively. As it so happens, there is a form of technology currently in development that will be allowing vehicles to communicate through technology with other vehicles on the road. This form of technology is called vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

What Is It?

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication essentially allows cars to communicate with each other, letting the cars broadcast their speed, position, steering-wheel position, brake status, and other data to vehicles within a certain radius. Drivers will not be the ones taking in all this data while they are driving, rather, the car will alert the driver when a car appears to be doing something dangerous, or when there may be potential for a dangerous situation based on data another car sent over. 

For example, if the car notices another car coming in the direction you are going, it will alert. Say there is a ledge one cannot see past as they take a turn, and another car is driving out of control in the other direction. The car will notify the driver of an oncoming car, so the driver can stop in time.

When Will It Be Available?

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is technically available now, but within a year or two, it should be much more standard on the road, increasing its effectiveness. Within this next year or two, the technology will continue to be improved, but it should be noted that a driver should never rely solely on technology to avoid them from car accidents, as there are always malfunctions.

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